Judges 6

 Key Thought: God delights in using ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

  1. The Word That Criticizes Us
    1. The People Cry Out
    2. The Lord sends a prophet
    3. The Word Preached
  2. The Mercy That Holds Us
    1. An Unfinished Sermon
    2. An Unchanging God
  3. The Promise That Equips Us
    1. The Angel of the LORD
    2. The Question of Gideon
    3. The Answer Gideon Does Not Like
    4. The Request for A Sign
  4. The Demand That Commits Us
    1. House Cleaning
    2. Host Rebuke
  5. The Assurance That Settles Us
    1. Gideon Assembles an Army
    2. Gideon Asks For Another Sign