Judges 8:1-28

Key Thought: The Lord is the king and beside Him there is no other. Earthly leaders need to recognize this and live as those who must answer for their actions.

  1. Political Problems
    1. The Ephraimites
      1. Ephraimites are jealous
      2. Gideon gives a "soft answer"
    2. The Men of Succoth and Penuel
      1. Fear and Doubt
      2. How does a leader deal with fear and doubt?
        1. Motivational sppech
        2. Strong rebuke
      3. Anatomy of a strong rebuke
        1. Coporal - Biblical and Natural
        2. Deprivation - Biblical and Natural
    3. Zebah and Zalmunna
      1. Their "soft answer"
      2. Justice v. Revenge
  2. Pride Problems
    1. People want Gideon to be king
    2. Gideon refuses because the Lord is to be king
    3. Gideon assumes duties of a king