Galatians 1:11-24

Key Thought: To reject the apostle Paul's gospel is to reject God's gospel.

  1. What happened before Paul's conversion (1:13, 14)
    1. "Persecuted beyond measure...destroy it"
    2. "Advanced in Judaism beyond my contemporaries"
    3. "Being more exceedingly zealous for the traditions"
  2. What happened at Paul's conversion (1:15, 16a)
    1. Paul's Conversion (Acts 9)
    2. "I" vs. "God"
    3. God's Prenatal Grace
      1. Set apart from the womb
      2. Called by God's grace
      3. Revealed His Son
      4. Preach Him among the Gentiles
  3. What happened after Paul's conversion (1:16b-24)
    1. Paul went to Arabia (v. 17)
    2. Paul went to Jerusalem later and briefly (v. 18)
    3. Paul went off to Syria and Cilicia (vss. 20-24)