Galatians 2:16-21

  1. Background - Defining our Terms
    1. "Justification"
    2. Upon what is Justification based?
      Only 3 possibilities:
      1. I have not sinned and therefore, am "not guilty"
      2. I admin that I have sinned, but that my "good" will counteract my "bad" at the end of the day
      3. The Judge has made some sort of arrangement to counteract my guilt through a substitute
  2. Paul's Exposition
    1. Justification by Works of the Law (v. 16a)
    2. Justification by Faith Alone (v. 16b)
  3. Paul's Argument
    1. Critics Argument against Paul (2:17-18)
      Paul's response is three-fold
      1. If I sin after trusting in Christ, it's not Christ's fault, it's mine
      2. Justification by grace through faith alone is not a "legal fallacy"
      3. The person that is justified has been crucified with Christ
    2. Paul's Argument against his Critics (v. 21)