Vision & Mission

We serve the Triune God, the Creator and Sustainer of life, through Christ, our Lord, the Head of the Church, guided by His infallible Word, through the Holy Spirit. We seek to glorify God through:

Christ Centered Worship

We celebrate new life in the risen Lord through lively preaching, joyful singing, and thankful giving as directed by the Word of God.

Building Community through Bible Study

We provide opportunities for members to grow in their knowledge of God's Word, in order to see an increase in biblical understanding and godly living, as manifested through a love for the Lord and His people.

Serving One Another and Our Neighbor

We genuinely care for each other by frequently praying for one another and using our resources, time, talents and gifts for our neighbor’s good and the glory of God.

Bearing Witness to the Gospel

We tell others of God’s love and forgiveness for sinners as expressed in His sending the only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so that we may live as salt and light in our community. We support and pray for the work of missions, globally and locally. We desire to plan like-minded and faithful church(es) in the greater Sioux Falls area.